Recipes & Tips

During my 5th month of pregnancy I discovered a love for cooking. My palate was picky and I had graduated school, spending almost all my days at home. I was sick and tired of microwave foods and stove-top Mac & Cheese. Thanks to boredom, Pinterest, and my grandmother’s cooking advice from the several years I spent helping her in the kitchen, I started creating some amazing dishes and snacks. After my son, Aiden,  was born, food seemed much less appealing. I only wanted liquids, then I started lacking essential nutrients in my diet, and I stopped making as much milk to feed my newborn. I discovered 2 lactation smoothie recipes on Pinterest and ran with it. I made about 6 more yummy smoothies that didn’t involve strawberries, bananas, and peanut butter alone, like the ones I found online. From there, I went on to create my own lactation granola bars, cookies, cake, and brownies in a large variety of flavors and textures. I thought I’d never enjoy cooking and baking, but I suppose in a situation where I had ample free time and a great selection of machines (blenders, mixers, food processors, steamers, etc) it became almost second nature. I hope you like the creations I’ve come up with and use them! Most are fairly easy. Here are my Pinterest boards, and I’ll review the items I’ve saved to them and share what I’ve added/kept out to enhance flavor. Happy creating!

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