You’re Doing Amazing, & You Need To Be Reminded.

As wonderful as parenting is, it’s almost never emotionally fulfilling.

There’s always something you didn’t get done, some regret you have for the day, and a lack of many “thank you”s and “you did great” comments from those you take care of. Whether you’re working to provide for and nurture your family, or you’re a stay at home parent who cooks, cleans, and teaches littles all day, you’re important. Your role, your emotional support, your words and actions, all of it matters. You are doing everything you can do at the moment for your family and regardless of if they express their appreciation, you need to realize you are worthy, you mean so much to so many, you are incredible.

Cleaning up after little monsters, or those who cannot care for themselves, is one of the most selfless acts of love anyone can do. Even if you’re working, you’ve changed diapers, wiped vomit or other nasty goos off your little one, fed them, and have been fully responsible for if they go to bed clean and content or not. You have shown selflessness in the most intimate of ways and that is so admirable.

You have achieved things you weren’t sure you could do. That may be graduating school, being a single parent, having 2 under 2, giving birth, juggling jobs, learning a new skill, breastfeeding, earning a raise, getting a better job, or even being a parent at all! Go you, for working through difficult situations and becoming a better person every day!

I don’t agree with some parent’s choices and views, but I respect all parents who love their family and try to do the best they can for them. Efforts and intentions are everything, and if you’re trying daily to be a better parent, then you’re worthy of all the respect I can give.

So on behalf of all the babbling children, unappreciative family members, inattentive significant others, and condescending strangers, THANK YOU, for all you do. THANK YOU for your unconditional love, best intentions, little & grand efforts, affection when you’re exhausted and worn down, and continuous strive to be a better you than you were yesterday. I appreciate you, for raising sweet and caring people, for contributing to your environment, community and economy, and for the moments of kindness you create when you see an opportunity to help others! You are doing fantastic, keep it up!

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